Preventing Trafficking in Persons Project

The general goal of the project is to reduce the human trafficking phenomenon by increasing the self-defense capacity of groups at risk and raising awareness at the community level.

Target group:

Students of professional schools and high schools of Bucharest; disadvantaged mothers and children.


  • Providing students with specific knowledge and tools to be used in peer educational contexts for human trafficking prevention and awareness;
  • Decreasing vulnerability to human trafficking by counseling and informing young people at risk of the consequences, risks of human trafficking and  self-protection methods;
  • Raising awareness on human trafficking and its consequences at the community level.

Main activities:

  • We organize educational events for students aimed at informing and advising on the phenomenon of human trafficking, the risks and consequences of this phenomenon, human rights, as well as legal employment opportunities in country and abroad;
  • We organize recruitment and selection process of future peer educators (group of students selected from the partner school in order to transmit the message against the human trafficking to their mates)
  • We hold peer educators’ training sessions in an interactive and positive manner, focusing on the development of assets and competencies in all students engaged;
  • We supervise and support the peer educators’ teams in sustaining presentations on human trafficking in front of their school colleagues;
  • We organize awards ceremonies with peer educators at the end of their presentations, rewarding their efforts and commitment;
  • We organize human trafficking prevention workshops for disadvantaged children and mothers, association’s beneficiaries.

Through all these activities we encourage the community surrounding schools and vulnerable persons to get involved in the dismantling of the traffickers’ efforts.

This project is developed with financial, methodology and expertise support provided by Samilia Foundation -Belgium.

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