Volunteering at ACSIS

Volunteering at ACSIS

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Association for a United Community and Social Intervention -ACSIS volunteer report:

“When I started volunteering, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but in my soul there were thoughts and desires related to that, but I didn’t know to what extent they would get real. Now, after 5 months, I can say that I was very lucky, because I discovered a united team of wonderful people who have accepted me very easily and from whom I learned a lot. Though most people think that through volunteer we give back to a community, they forgot that it’s not a one-sided relationship, at any instant you offered and invested, you get back. Whether it’s a child’s smile or a mother’s who feels that tomorrow’s worries press a little less on her shoulders.

This volunteering gave me multiple opportunities for both personal and professional development. Professionally, I got the chance to live experiences and to have responsibilities that my field of study postpones. I had the opportunity to assist at workshops and mother focus groups, to get involved in a necessary project for our society on the topic of trafficking in persons in schools and colleges, to attract children in educational activities. I learned how an NGO works, how much effort and dedication is hiding behind each project. On a personal level, my life optics has changed; I received valuable lessons from mothers and children enrolled in the program. I have seen mothers for whom every day was a fight with overwhelming worries, who kept smiling and didn’t let to be seen not even a fraction of the sad story that lied behind.

I learned to work in a team, I learned to adjust myself to unpredictable situations, I’ve learned how much it weighed commitments, I’ve learned how much children’s wisdom is worth and how much can reward a hug or a look full of thanks of a mother.

In conclusion, I can say that I would recommend this experience to anyone who is willing to grow personally and professionally. My advice is to find a soul project in which to invest and results will not delay to occur and become an engine for a new budding”. (Larisa Stirbu)