Mission, Vision, Values


we actively strive to since 2004, is of a society that functions as a living organism, a body made up of diverse communities, each with its specific contribution in social life; communities acting jointly, educative and preventive for each of their members.


is sustainable development of family and community through education and specialized intervention for prevention of harmful social phenomena such as maternal abandonment, trafficking in persons or school dropouts. We achieve this through the development of education programs for a healthy life, psycho-social support, social and professional inclusion of vulnerable persons.

Our VALUES are equally important!

We deeply believe in Solidarity that we translate in all our projects, through implementation of pro-awareness activities, proactive prevention and action against situations of vulnerability of community members and by increasing social cohesion, as a consequence of these synergistic activities.

We cherish and manifest Responsibility in our projects: ours, as an organization, toward results of our projects and interventions; Responsibility of communities toward vulnerable members, as well as Responsibility of parents toward their children.

homepage Misiune viziuneWe believe in Continuing Education; through formal and non-formal education, in childhood or adulthood, a community increases the autonomy of its members, but also their ability to contribute to social development.

And last but not least, we believe in Uniqueness; we intervene through activities adapted to the communities and individuals, leaving aside preconceptions. Believing in Uniqueness of individual and community makes us flexible and easily adaptable as organization.