Surprise gifts from Mega Image

We thank this way to Mega Image employees and especially to Raluca Istrate, for joys that they have chosen to offer to children whom we support!

What joy can be greater for a child than to receive a surprise gift? In October, Mega Image employees have made gifts to children supported by the Association by purchasing and offering biscuits, footwear, shirts and other new clothes from H & M. Kids have enjoyed enormously the clothes with which the next day they went to school or kindergarten, no less than their mothers, excited by surprise too. Aura confesses: ‘ I have two children that I grow up alone for 3 years now. I find it hard to buy all necessary things and rarely can I buy them new clothes. Thank you from my heart for your gift! ”

“Our collaboration with ACSIS already has a few years and we want to offer further our help, because we believe in the cause whom they commit. We have made various donations until now for families protected by ACSIS, and this year we thought that would be an even greater joy for children to receive new clothes .

These children do not know the “luxury” of having an unused shirt, not worn at elbows or collar, spotless and with all buttons at their place. For us, others, to get a new blouse is normal, we do not realize how lucky we are to have the opportunity to tear the label of new clothes. But there are people and, saddest, children who have never had something of their own, bought just for them, but only items received as “alms”, from others.

Therefore, we have decided to bring this enjoyment in their little souls too, not to feel ashamed when they go to school in their cousins’ larger clothes but pride that they have their own shirt”. Raluca Istrate, Internal Trainer Mega Image.

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