Prevention of Trafficking in Women and Children

Project goal: prevention of trafficking in persons by growing the capacity of self-defense in front of trafficking phenomenon of young people belonging to vulnerable groups.

Target group: young people in risk (students of vocational schools, young people from poor and/or dysfunctional families) and professionals who contact them and/or their families.


Vulnerability reduction facing the phenomenon of human trafficking through counseling and informing young people at risk (students of vocational schools, young people from poor and/or dysfunctional families, young single mothers);

Training and motivating teachers to advise young people in risk on ways of self-defense in front of human trafficking;

Trafficking in human beings reality and consequences awareness increasing through implementation of a prevention campaign.


Organizing educational events for young people, aimed at informing and advising regarding the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings, the risks and consequences of this phenomenon, human rights, legal employment opportunities in country and abroad;

Organizing educational events for professionals who contact young people at risk and/or their families;

Organizing in vocational schools of contests having as a central theme trafficking in human beings (contests of posters, essays), awarding and promoting the most beautiful works;

Organizing workshops regarding trafficking in persons and prevention methods, having as participants teachers from selected vocational schools (estimated 20 persons from each high school – masters, school psychologists, in order to ensure the training and informing them about the phenomenon of trafficking in persons;

Carrying out a prevention of trafficking campaign, in order to increase phenomenon awareness and to reduce the prejudice related to victim status.

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