Being a Teenage Mother

The Association for a United Community and Social Intervention –ACSIS has successfully closed the project “Being a Teenage Mother”, financed by United Way Romania Foundation, and developed between 2009, November and 2010 October.

In this project setting, a number of 50 teenage mothers, with 63 children received support in gaining aptitudes and skills associated with mother’s role, in developing a qualitative and permanent attachment to their children and the empowerment in taking responsibility of being a parent.

Following the activities and services provided – 63 children are kept and raised by their mothers, the consolidated attachment relation mother-child reduced the risk of being abandoned,50 mothers have consolidated parental competences  and learned healthy behaviors for child care, 14 mothers resumed their school courses, 32 mothers gained skills regarding family financial resources administration/budgeting, about identifying and classification of needs, prioritize the expenses of the family, 44 mothers and their children are well integrated in their origin families or other support groups.

We implemented this project with the support from United Way Romania Foundation.

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