Integrated Services for Separation Prevention or Children Abandonment from the Single Parent Disadvantaged Family


Cine-suntemChild abandonment is a social, not a personal or family problem. This affirmation is supported by demographic and economic studies, which show that there are much poorer countries than Romania, where abandonment is virtually absent. Therefore, poverty is not the only cause of the abandonment of the child, but we are rather faced with a “culture of abandonment”, a sum of factors such as: marginalization, blaming, exclusion, desertion, violence, rape, abuse, separation, diminishing of the mother and child. Four children are abandoned in Romania on a daily basis, and this phenomenon is further spread in most cases, from generation to generation, and includes not only poor or marginal environments, but like any violence, can affect any type of family.


What is the purpose of the project?

Through this project we aim to increase the life quality for the mother and child from single parent family, professionally, socially, and psychologically to a sufficient level in order to prevent child separation from his family or child abandonment.

What is the problem? What are the identified needs?

The problems are multiple, intricate and extensive, materially, professionally, socially and psychologically, and needs depend very much on variable factors, from family to family.

Whom we address?

Generally, our target group consists of disadvantaged single mothers, without excluding single fathers, quite the contrary actually. Mothers can have one child or more, they are in very complicated life situations, involving physical and emotional trauma, mother and/or child acute or chronic disease, lack of housing, financial resources, low educational level, depleted emotional resources, lack of family support.

What do we propose to do?

  • To support children at risk, from the single parent disfavored families in Bucharest;
  • To support single mothers to develop socially and professionally through training of necessary skills to access the labor market as well as training/development of professional abilities.
  • To sensitize the community about social issues faced by single parent disfavored families.

What do we do to achieve the objectives?

  • We support the development of parenting skills through: counseling and group activities;
  • We evaluate family resources and advise the extended family;
  • We support the mother for the inclusion of the children in care and education programs;
  • We offer psychological counseling in order to strengthen the mother-child attachment relationship;
  • We provide vocational assessment and professional guidance for the mother;
  • We support the formation of skills to access jobs on the labor market and to maintain a job, we offer employment support;
  • We support the acquisition of new skills and stress reduction through activities of occupational therapy.

What do we do in addition to all of this?

We aim to inform the communities on the long-term devastating social effects of the children abandonment and to actively contribute to its prevention through all communications, participations and presentations we attend.


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