Ana Maria

I have learned that the powerful person is not the one who reaches the highest social status but the one who, even though he/she has been through the storm of life, manages to keep on fighting without losing the hope for better. The opportunity to become a volunteer for ACSIS came in a time when I needed to feel useful and to interact with new people. Therefore, I had the chance to meet the beneficiary mothers who were working at the Creation Workshop. I have known them better and I realized that for them the meetings at the Workshop were an opportunity for joy because in this way they could forget their daily worries and the problems which were overwhelming during the week.

I have also had the privilege to be involved in the “Preventing Human Trafficking” project which took place in high-schools with the aim at informing the groups at risk and the teachers. I have met informed young people and young people who wanted to learn as many details as possible. I learned how to address them, so that the message would be well received, stirring their interest and openness to the topic.

The social investigations made me face a reality that, before that moment, I was not aware of. I have met people who had to face difficult situations alone, which made me appreciate even more the support of those around me.

Within this volunteering, I learned two major things: it is more beautiful to give than to receive and how much a thanking smile for the given support matters.

I would like to thank ACSIS team for the warmth with which they have received me, for their trust and for the beautiful and useful experiences that I have lived during this period.

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