Access to Education for Disadvantaged Children and Young People

proiect acces la educatieContinuing education for life is a value of our Association in which we firmly believe. Over 10 years of existence, we have seen in many cases the difference that adequate, experiential and pragmatic education makes in life of parent and his/her child, and of teenagers, especially those coming from vulnerable environments. That is why we have decided to put these lessons into action and develop a project that will change lives, this time for children from families with limited resources.


We aim through this project to increase access to education for children and adolescents coming from disadvantaged families; this purpose is rooted in a difficult reality, one of families with low educational and material levels, without motivation and means of support in the school education of their children.

What do we want to accomplish?

We note in many cases, that these situations, have as an almost inevitable consequence very early school dropouts, poor schooling in relation to labor market requirements and/or illiteracy and we aim to:

  • Increase the children’s frequency of school attending which come from these families;
  • Improve school results of children from disadvantaged families;
  • Increase awareness among parents on the importance of their children’s education;
  • Develop the teaching staff skills of working with children in a situation of vulnerability;
  • Increase the awareness and involvement of the community on the issue of school dropouts among children from disadvantaged families;

What is the problem? What are the identified needs?

The problem of school dropouts is determined by factors such as: parents’ lack of financial and material resources, low importance given to the children education and low support in school courses attending.

The target group of the project is heterogeneous, involving both children and adolescents at risk, as well as parents, teachers and volunteers. We aim that through the heterogeneity of the factors of influence on children and young people to achieve a synergic effect of activities, to provide worthy following examples and to mobilize their enthusiasm in positive long-term directions (rewarding professional achievements as well as school satisfactions and success).

How do we intervene?

We organize educational and recreational activities with children:

  • We support children in doing home works;
  • We support writing, reading and arithmetic calculation training and development through teaching and practically-applied exercises;
  • We encourage acquisition and development of independent work/study skills;
  • We provide support in the development of personal and social autonomy skills;
  • We support education through various methods; both formal and informal (visits to museums, theater, movie outings, etc.).
  • We provide school supplies and material support for children included in the project.


We organize activities with parents of pupils included in the project:

  • We offer support to parents in order to obtain identity cards, children birth certificates and to access legal social benefits;
  • We restructure the parents’ beliefs and negative attitudes towards school;
  • We make parents responsible on the importance of schooling for children;
  • We offer individual counseling for parents in order to prepare them better for educating their children.
  • We organize monthly sessions for parents, where aspects of children’s progress at school are discussed, as well as the importance of education and motivation; we also offer tools and guidance in the process of children education.
  • We organize activities with teachers
  • We organize informative sessions for teachers, in which we discuss practical issues related to working with children in a situation of vulnerability, as well as teachers’ role in school drop-out prevention;
  • We keep in touch with the schools attended by the children of the program for monitoring their school situation.


Join us in this project!

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