Renowned artists help single mothers stay with their children

Bucharest, December 12th, 2011. The Association for a United Community and Social Intervention (ACSIS) succeeded in capitalizing on the support given by 31 artists who have donated their works for the benefit of single mothers. Most of the works have been purchased and have been part of the charitable exhibit “The Art of Giving”, organized during the period December 6th – December 9th, at the InterContinental Hotel.

Almost 30 works have been sold since the varnishing from December 5th. Therefore, during the tender organized with the support of Artmark, the total amount obtained in ACSIS benefit was of Euro 10,500. The participants in the varnishing had the possibility to also purchase objects made by the mothers in the creation workshop organized within ACSIS. The varnishing has gathered over 50 guests, among which renowned artists, representatives of the business environment, of non-governmental organizations and of the press, volunteers and friends of the association.

The funds obtained during this event will be used to support single mothers who are going through extremely difficult life situations and their children. ACSIS will provide material support consisting of food products and hygienic products for the mothers and children, holiday gifts, as well as financial support and psycho-social counseling, according to one’s individual needs, until the risk of children abandonment is surmounted.

Misses Silvia Radu, renowned artist and the initiator of this event has brought together, through her generosity, over 30 distinguished personalities of Romanian art who donated work for the exhibit. Therefore, along with Misses Silvia Radu, the following artists have also contributed to this event: Gheorghe Anghel, Dumitru Bondar, Reka Csapo Dup, Grigoraş Dimitrie, Dumitru Cojocaru, Trandafira Cojocaru, Irina Florescu, Marin Gherasim, Gheorghe Iacob, Sorin Ienulescu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu, Romeo Liberis, Lucia Maftei, Henry Mavrodin, Viorel Mărginean, Olga Mărgineanu, George Mircea, Alexandru Papuc, Horea Paştină, Neculai Păduraru, Adrian Pârvu, Mihai Sârbulescu, Elena Scutaru, Militza Sion, Anamaria Smigelski, Doru Şetran, Paul Vasilescu, Beti Vervega, Bogdan Vlăduţă, Vladimir Zamfirescu.

The following persons have also contributed to the event’s success: Liana Stanciu, as introducer, the cello players Marin Cazacu, the Director of the Romanian Youth Orchestra, and his son, Stefan, who have presented a special musical moment, as well as Simona David, Corporate Affairs Director, Adevarul Holding, who supported ACSIS’S initiative with determination and enthusiasm.

ACSIS Association supports families presenting an increased social risk, in order to prevent the child being separated from the family. The Beneficiaries are, mainly, mothers who are confronted with multiple difficulties: rejection from the family of origin/from the extended family, lack of revenues necessary to cover the means of support, lack of support from the partner, lack of education, single mothers, and teenage mothers.

With the support of the participants to this event and of the funds raised, ACSIS Association brings in the public’s eye the importance of the solidarity and support provided to the families exposed to high social risks, in order to prevent the separation of children from their own family.

We thank the artists, partners and all those who, by donations, sponsorship, pro bono provision of services and volunteer work have stood by our side in organizing this event.

Partners and sponsors: To the call of ACSIS responded partners as InterContinental, ROI Association, If Magic, Artmark, Adevărul Holding,, Union of Plastic Artists, and contributed with founds the sponsors S.C. Rematholding Co SRL, S.C. Remat Bucharest South S.A., S.C. Remat Vrancea S.A.

Pro bono: cellists Marin and Ştefan Cazacu, Liana Stanciu, Corneliu Niculite video editing, Bogdan Stănişor, photographer.

Volunteers: Simona David, Mircea Crisbăşanu, Roxana Onicală, Adriana Sîrbu, Larisa Ştirbu, Mirela Mită, Teodora Paraschiv, Alice Opris, Claudiu Clapon, Claudiu Neagoe, Liviu Alexandru Căciuloiu, Cristina Metea.

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