I am grateful: the volunteering experience made me feel useful! Being a person who has enjoyed the unconditional support of the family at any stage of my life, I have always asked myself how can a mother overcome the critical moments of life alone, moments such as: losing her job, lacking a house, being abandoned by her partner, the physical abuses endured, the severe diseases. I realised that the answer is solidarity, and that, only with the support of the community, the vulnerable mothers can surpass this hard period. Volunteering helped me develop social and practical skills by participating in social investigations, fairs, group activities, information sessions. I can say that I am one of the “beneficiaries” of ACSIS projects, reason for which I am deeply grateful: the volunteering experience made me feel useful and gain experience. Oana Stoian, volunteer Working as volunteer, I had the opportunity to understand how an NGO is organized, to take part in the deployment of its projects and to know the work of the involved specialists (psychologists, social workers) closely. I became aware of the importance of specialized help, meant to respond to the concrete needs of the beneficiaries of the projects. I have felt a special nearness to the beneficiary mothers when I worked at the Creation Workshop, where I have personally met the mothers and from whom I have discovered that, for them, each day is a hard battle for survival. From all the projects developed by the Association, the Creative Workshop seemed to have a great practical utility. Besides offering a qualification in creating textile toys and ensuring a working place, this project manages to increase the mothers the self confidence and to give them a feeling of usefulness, so important for each of us, especially when we go through hard times.

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