Help Me Grow with My Mother

Since 2007, the project “HELP ME GROW UP WITH MY MOTHER!” has been undertaken within the Counseling and Support Center for Families Faced with the Risk of Abandoning Their Child.

Project goal: is to assist mothers faced with the risk of abandoning their child due to the difficulties they encounter.

Beneficiaries: Pregnant women (in their last trimester of pregnancy), mothers in social and economic difficulty and their children between 0 and 2 years old.

The services provided:

Social counseling (individual and group): Within this program, the social worker helps mothers gain the necessary skills for educating and caring for their children. Moreover, the mother’s feeling of attachment towards her child is very important, and the social worker has an essential role in the formation of this relationship. Mothers are taught how to find a job and to keep their home and are helped to understand what a normal couple/family means.

Psychological counseling: The psychologist assists mothers in improving the dysfunctional aspects of their relationship to their children, in maintaining and consolidating parental relations, in changing parents’ negative attitude towards child birth, towards their child, towards their “role as mothers”. Thanks to the specialists with whom we work, we help mothers communicate with their children more easily and overcome conflicts that may arise between themselves and their children. Many mothers suffer from anxiety, postpartum depression, but because of this program they manage to overcome these difficult moments.

Education: Education offers children a chance to life. This project helps mothers raise their children in a normal way. It also aids mothers in recognizing the specific needs of the child and in gaining the necessary information which is useful to any mother. Moreover, we play an important part in informing mothers who do not wish to have children, but who do not know how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. As the financial aspect is very important, our specialists teach them how to administer the family budget.

Information: the social worker informs mothers in what concerns their rights and responsibilities towards their children, and the network of existing social services.

Integration/reintegration in the family and community: the social worker acts as a mediator between the mother and her family and offers her support in accessing community resources; he/she motivates and directs the mother in her professional development and employment; he/she assists her in writing her résumé, in presenting for an interview.

ACSIS also offers material/financial help on an individual basis, aiming to cover the needs of children.

The period during which mothers are assisted has a time limit (3 months – 1 year). They are thus encouraged to get actively involved in solving the problems they face, with a view to gaining autonomy and independence.

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